So what should you think about when searching for a new office

hoosing the right office building and the suitable office is a very difficult but important task – important for the simple reason that the right office space can make your business and if it isn’t, it can break your business. You will have to strike the right note between getting the right space at the most affordable price and the perfect office space at the perfect location. This is indeed a taxing experience, especially if you are operating on a very restricted budget. The right space, can play a very vital role in defining your future and the future of the business.
There are a number of factors that you will have to take into consideration while choosing your office premises.

1. The Location: Choose the location with reference to the following points:

a) Neighbourhood: Take a look at the neighbourhood and see if it is moderate, trendy, or sleazy. While a moderate or trendy locality will do, you can rule out a sleazy neighbourhood.

b) Safety of the neighbourhood: Safety of the neighbourhood is extremely important as your employees would be spending a major part of the day here.

c) Transportation facilities: Find out if there are good and convenient transportation facilities available for your employees. While commuting is inevitable ensure that they do not have to travel a long distance by foot. Find out if their travel by foot is safe.

d) Other facilities: Check to see if there are restaurants nearby for the convenience of your employees. Check out the proximity to banks.

2. The Building: Take a look at the building from the following aspects:

a) Security: Make sure that the building is safe and secure from thefts and break-ins. Do ensure that the building is well protected from natural disasters.

b) Building work: Do not enter into any agreement till you find out that no building or construction work is planned in the near future, or else you will have to put up with noise, dust, and pollution for quite some time.

c) Maintenance: Find out if there is proper maintenance of the building and it does not have any electricity, water, or sewage problems. Check out the infrastructure of the building and do take care to check for any leaks and there are no pests or rodents in the building.

d) Parking: Take care to see that there is adequate parking in the building.

e) Competition: It is important to find out if there is any competitor with the same type of business as yours in the building. And, if so, you will have to think again.

3. The Space: Take a look at the premises to find out if it is adequate for your business, and if can accommodate all your departments. Check out for acoustics and check for the noise level. Look at the scope for provision for future growth and development of your business.

One of the very important things that you should not forget – Do not think outside your budget or you will definitely land in trouble.


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Thought it would be interesting to blog about my career as a Swedish commercial real estate broker in London, why not start with some advice? Will try to write whenever I have time πŸ™‚

When starting a business, you will want to have the perfect office space. While it is not difficult to find the ideal office space, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind.


The location of your office is very important when deciding on where you want to do business. Make sure you look at how much foot traffic is in the area, and how easy it is to access. Will your clients need to park, and does the location offer ample spots? How safe is the neighborhood, and if your city offers public transportation, does it stop nearby? These are all questions that you want to ask yourself while searching for an office space.

What Are Your Needs

It is hard to find a perfect space if you are unsure what your needs are as a business. You need to decide if you need conference rooms, break rooms, and any storage. Many businesses need a reception area, or cash register. Generally speaking, you need to make sure that you have about 200 square feet for each employee. Knowing what you are offering as a good, will help you identify what your needs are. You will be able to assess what amenities you will need to provide for clients.

Once you know your needs, and what traffic your desire, you can start the hunt. The location and the access to that location is the first thing you will want to look into. Once you have located a potential office space, you will want to look at the lease. Do not sign anything that you are not comfortable with. You want to make sure that you understand everything you are responsible for and that you can cover the rent payments. Finally, the perfect office space will allow you to sell and do everything your business requires without problem.